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Library Plus is a membership to the evergrowing library of resources I have been collecting throughout my career. These resources are going to help you be an amazing behavior analyst, by giving you quick access to practitioner relevant articles, CEUs, and community. As a Library Plus member, you are going to be amazed at how much easier it is to be great at your job.


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Solving the biggest problem I had as a behavior analyst!

Hi! My name is Matt Harrington and I am a BCBA based out of Florida! I had the privalege of working with some GREAT Behavior Analysts during my training and they taught me ONE really important thing...

Everyday Behavior Analysts CAN and NEED to apply scientific literature in clinical work!

That was the big secret! But of course, that was only the beginning of the story. I quickly became obsessed with trying to figure out HOW I could use what they taught me... Cause damn it, I had no freaking TIME!

Every single day, supervision, meeting, parent trainings, back to supervision... I had NO time to read articles!

I looked far and wide for a solution only to realize that NOTHING could solve my problem. NOTHING was available that gave practitioners access to summarized research articles written by practitioners for practitioners. So I decided to do it myself!

I started reading, organizing, and summarizing! Right now, I have OVER 300 sorted and summarized articles inside the Library Plus membership, all accessible through a simple search bar or sorted by topic! This resource alone is invaluable because it saves you your most precious resource as an analyst... TIME! 

Let me help you give you back the time you need to become an amazing analyst by taking advantage of this free trial!

And of course, the over 20 CEU on-demand courses! With courses on assent, ACT, Manding, PFA & SBT, there is absolutely something for you, and it is ALL available and included in your Library Plus membership!

Some of the courses currently inside the Library (New CEUs added Monthly)

1. 12 days of PFA & SBT course (2.5 CEUs)

2. Manding to Mastery (2.5 CEUs)

3. Analyzing Assent & Taking Data (2.5 CEUs)

4. Confessions of a New Analyst- FA Edition (2.5 CEUs)

5. Clarifying Trauma Informed Care (3 CEUs)

6. All Applied 2022 Speakers and talks, including ACT, Values, Supervision, Crisis Behavior, School Behavior, and more (8.0 CEUs)

7. And more!

Take advantage of this offer by clicking the button below and trying it out with the 30-day money back guarantee! Cancel anytime, no questions asked!

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