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Clarifying Trauma Informed Care

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I am so proud to announce the series- Clarifying Trauma Informed Care!

What I did was collect some of the best minds on this topic and got them to present a series of trainings throughout the month, focused not only on they why behind trauma informed care but more on the how of trauma informed care!

So much of the information on this topic is focused around the ethics code and morality. I get it, and I TOTALLY agree. We as behavior analysts and just DECENT human beings should be taking a trauma informed approach with every client we see...

... So lets get practical with it.

The single most important thing I learned last year.

If you don't know, my name is Matt. I am a behavior anlayst working day in and day out to provide high quality service to each and every one of my clients. 

On my spare time... I read a LOT of research. Enough in fact to start a little business focused on disseminating what I read to practitioners just like you! 

In 2022, I read, discussed, taught, and used HUNDREDS of articles on a variety of different topics inside ABA.

And none of it was as important as "Towards a Trauma Informed Application of Behavior Analysis"

This single article resulted in more behavior change from me as a practitioner than any other article. I became obsessed with learning more on the topic and talking to the people who were demonstrating this the best.

My search brought me around the ABA world, meeting some amazing practitioners and researchers, and I am finally ready to share what I learned with you!

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We are going to teach REAL and PRACTICAL steps to help you become more trauma informed within your practice.

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