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Ep. 43- JABA in One Take- Towards Trauma-Informed care in behavior analysis

show notes Jan 28, 2022
Towards Trauma-Informed care in behavior analysis

Hey there Behaviorists!

Trauma-informed care has recently come into the spotlight in many other fields, but this is one of the first focused articles on it in behavior analysis. There have been some other notable exceptions, but generally, the concept of trauma has been ignored by the larger behavior analytic community. There are potentially a few reasons for this, and this article breaks them down quite nicely. The authors then lead us through what a behavior analytic trauma informed care model could look like, giving plenty of examples and options. In my opinion, this is one of the best new articles for a behavior analyst to read, as it goes into the why behind changing to a trauma informed care model, as well as the how to change. It is clear from reading that the authors were extremely passionate on this topic, and it was a pleasure to read and review.

Rajaraman, A., Austin, J. L., Gover, H. C., Cammilleri, A. P., Donnelly, D. R., & Hanley, G. P. (2022). Toward trauma-informed applications of behavior analysis. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 55(1), 40-61.

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