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Ep. 36- ABA in One Take- The Beautiful Practicality of the Lag Schedule- P.2

Jan 12, 2022

Hey there Behaviorists!

One more on Lag Schedules, and their practical use!

To continue and end our short series on lag schedules, I present you with this article from the Analysis of Verbal Behavior Journal. This article focuses on a clinical application of the lag schedule and how it would look to actually implement this in practice. The target behavior is variability in social responses when asked some form of the question, “What do you like to do?” This article extends the research by focusing on multiple different questions, maintenance data, as well as showing the applied nature of the schedule. I think that this is a good example of clinical research, but not without limitations. We will dive into those limitations in depth, as well as the strengths of the methods. I hope that after listening to both these episodes on lag schedules, you will be able to not only understand the pros and cons of putting one into place, but also the how and why of when to use it clinically.


Olin, J., Sonsky, A., & Howard, M. (2020). Using a lag schedule of reinforcement to increase response variability in children with autism spectrum disorders. Analysis Verbal Behavior, 36(2)169–179.

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