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Ep. 35- ABA in One Take- The Beautiful practicality of the lag schedule- P.1

Jan 10, 2022

Hey there Behaviorists!

This is the first in a two part series about the Lag Schedule! I hope you enjoy it!

We are going to start out the week right by diving into a little discussed topic in ABA. That is Lag Schedules. Lag schedules are a way to increase the variability in responses garnered from a learner. A lag schedule 2 for example, would only reinforce the learner if the response given was different than the two prior responses. One of my favorite things about a lag schedule is that it does not extinguish behavior. At all times, a response can be reinforced, as long as it is different from the number of responses noted in the lag schedule. This study on the lag schedules examines both the value of rules and groups in the application of lag schedules. They specifically target category responding, which is a common early intervention skill. Overall, I think this is a great reintroduction into the world of lag schedules if you are like me and haven’t used them since the first semester of grad school!


Wiskow, K. M., Torrecillas, J., Rocha, H., & DaSilva, A. (2020) Evaluation of lag schedules and rules on persistent response variability with preschoolers in a group. Analysis Verbal Behavior, 36(2), 251–272.

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