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Ep. 28- One Less Lonely Practitioner- Clelia Sigaud

Dec 20, 2021

One Less Lonely Practitioner- Show Notes

Welcome to the first of a new series, One Less Lonely Practitioner. This series came to me as I pondered how alone I felt during my first few months as a BCBA. I had supportive coworkers and boss, but something was missing. I felt that I could not admit the struggles that I was experiencing as a BCBA, for fear that nobody else was experiencing them. For example, my first few months, I never took a lunch, simply hurrying from client to parent meeting to client, never sitting down long enough to catch my breath. I kept quiet, but little did I know my other coworkers were feeling the same stress that I was. This series I hope, will prove to lessen that stigma of suffering alone, and let us build upon each other's wisdom and become better analysts as a result!

To kick off this series, I had the privilege of talking to Dr. Clelia Sigaud. She is a special educator, educator in a verified course sequence, and has extensive experience in severe problem behavior. We chat about her experience in the school system, and as a VCS educator. She also helps run the site, She and her colleague run biweekly task list study groups, which can be found on her Facebook page, Learning Behavior Analysis .com | Facebook


Correction- I referred to Dr. Clelia as a Nationally Certified School Psychologist. This is incorrect. My apologies. I hope you enjoyed the episode regardless!

- Matt Harrington

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