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Ep. 27- JABA in One Take- Taking advantage of the observational effect during staff training

Dec 17, 2021

JABA in One Take- Show Notes

This final article is one of my favorite ones from the issue. I am a clinical manager and one of my main responsibilities is to train and onboard new RBTs. I am constantly on the lookout for any new way of training that will be more efficient and lead to better outcomes. After reading this article, I immediately emailed my other trainers that I have on staff and asked them to read it as well, as I was inspired to completely renew our training procedure. These authors demonstrate the usage of the observation effect and how staff rating other staff can increase their own performance. This presents as a time leveraged technique that can be used to train multiple staff members at the same time. 

Citation + DOI

Romer, K., Vladescu, J. C., Marano, K. E., Reeve, S. A., Sidener, T. M. & Campanaro, A. M. (2021). The influence of observations and ratings on implementation of discrete trial instruction. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 54(4), 1639-1651.

Additional Readings:

Marano, K. E., Vladescu, J. C., Reeve, K. F., & DiGennaro Reed, F. (2020). Effect of conducting behavioral observations and ratings on staff implementation of a paired-stimulus preference assessment. Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis, 53(1), 296-304.

Thomas, B. R. (2013). Effects of conducting peer behavioral observations on the observer’s correct use of discrete trial teaching procedures. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 34(7), 2143-2148. https://

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